Claritech SIM SentinelTM

Core Features
available on the SaaS plan. For an on-site option, please contact us directly.

Device Agnostic

Do you have multi-sim devices with varying device types to manage in your organisation? No problem, SIM SentinelTM supports multi-sim devices & any device containing a SIM card.

Network Agnostic

Do you have multiple networks coverage? No problem, SIM SentinelTM easily aggregates all management into one convenient solution for ease of management & oversight.


Do you want a solution that can monitor & provide oversight on your corporate/IoT usage and assets? No problem, SIM SentinelTM provides monitoring & asset management for all.

Cloud Based

Do you want to be able to access your information from anywhere, at anytime? No problem, SIM SentinelTM is a secure, cloud hosted SaaS solution accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

Expense Management

Does the thought of “Bill Shock” keep you awake at night? Don’t fear, SIM SentinelTM has several levels of usage monitoring and threshold management at multiple escalation levels to bring you peace of mind.

Location Services

Do you want to know where your device is located at the touch of a button? No problem, SIM SentinelTM enables you to obtain the approximate location of your device using location based services.

Usage Analytics

Static reporting is dead? SIM SentinelTM offers a complete analytics suits enabling you to report on your business usage instantly.

Mobile App

Do you want to enable your support staff to capture field related information regarding device deployment? No problem, our mobile app integrated into SIM SentinelTM can facilitate this and more…