Claritech Monovage

Core Features Branded, secure and controlled client and/or staff engagement.


Instant Notification

Do you want instant engagement with your clients or staff? Completely branded content made available through the app with justifiable mobile notifications for important interaction.


Global Access

Do you have teams spanning the globe? No problem, Monovage makes communicating with your contacts wherever they are in the world as easy having mobile access.


API Integration

Would you like actionable insight and engagement statistics? No problem, Monovage makes a full REST API available for the consumption of usage statistics.


Web Based

Do I need special software? No, with Monovage all you need is any web browser and the Monovage application for the client loaded on a mobile phone.


Grouped Content

Can I group my content? No problem, our tags and rights management backend makes grouping of content dynamic and controlled.


Targeted Engagement

Can I send to specific user groups? No problem, you are able to specifically engage with groups based on the the rights assigned to each content delivery.


Usage Analytics

Do you want to know what users are reviewing the most or at all? No problem, we log every interaction with the platform and make these interactions available to you through our integrated web analytics tool.


Mobile App

Do you need Android and IOS access? No problem, the app is available for both Android 4+ and IOS 7+ versions as an enterprise deployment or through the stores.