Claritech GatewayPro

Core Features 24/7 water and power readings direct to the cloud.


Meter Awareness

Do you want proactive insight into overuse? GatewayPro enables administrators or tenants to gain insight into usage patterns and take corrective action. IE: leaks


Meter Agnostic

Do you have multiple meters? GatewayPro is able to integrate with several water and power meters to automate the process of meter reading.


Smart Engineering

Do you want peace of mind that any problem can be resolved? GatewayPro have been designed and engineered by us. Enhancements…no issue.


Cloud Based

Do you want to be able to access your information from anywhere, at anytime? GatewayPro is a secure, cloud hosted SaaS solution accessible 24/7 from anywhere.


Tenant Billing

Do you want automated tenant billing and oversight? Our centralised reporting platform enables 24/7 automated-billing integrated directly with your accounting platform.


Property Utilities

Do you want to know about your property utility usage? GatewayPro will alert you of offline power, water pressure drops and building usage.


Usage Analytics

Do you want to know about your tenant or premise usage? Our centralised reporting platform enables administrator to run in-depth analytics on usage from high level to individual meter..


Mobile App

Do you want to provide your tenants with usage insight? Both tenants and administrators can make use of our fully integrated app giving usage statistics and coming soon…payment via the app.