Claritech EasyAnalytics

Core Features 24/7 shared analytics capacity powered by Microsoft PowerBI.


Mobile Ready

Do you want to review your business analytics on a mobile or tablet? No problem, EasyAnalytics makes this seamlessly possible.


Data Sources

Do you have multiple data sources? No problem, EasyAnalytics can take multiple datasources into the solution and work with these in a centralised manner.


Embedded Integration

Do you want to be able to share your analytics in your application? No problem, EasyAnalytics has made it easy to share your business analytics within your client environments or your own at a very reasonable price.


Cloud Based

Do you want to be able to access your information from anywhere, at anytime? No problem, EasyAnalytics is a secure, cloud hosted SaaS solution accessible 24/7 from anywhere.


Shared Billing

Do you need shared capacity? No problem, our unique interface allows you to pay a proportional rate on a usage basis for full rendering capability.


Global Scope

Do you need scalability and global reach? No problem, EasyAnalytics is built on Enterprise grade technology with the ability to scale exponentially.


Usage Analytics

Do you want to know who is interfacing with your statistics? No problem, our centralised reporting platform enables administrator to run in-depth analytics on usage.


Core Programmability

Don’t have the skills to embedded the solution and need our assistance? No problem, EasyAnalytics can assist in a consultative or managed services role