Claritech Bulk SMS Services

Core Features Prepaid, tiered bundles at very competitive pricing


Core communications

Do you want to get your message delivered? No problem, we can get your message to any phone anywhere in the world.


Network Agnostic

Do you have users across multiple networks? No problem, we have access into several network across the global for rapid SMS delivery.


API Integration

Want to manage your own solution? No problem, our full REST API enables your development team to seamlessly integrate SMS delivery capability easily into your solution.


Cloud Based

We have a SaaS based SMS platfrom. You can make full use of our bulk SMS interface allowing you to send ad-hoc, group runs or personalised SMS campaigns.


Prepaid Billing

Do you want control over your spend? No problem, a centralised wallet allows you to topup on SMS credits enabling use whilst credits are available. All usage is logged and invoiced.


Two Way

Do you want to send two-way SMS? No problem, we have you covered.


Usage Analytics

Can I access information about delivery and send statistics? No problem, we offer a full analytical interface allowing you to review campaign sends, delivery information and more.


Priority SMS

Do you offer priority SMS? No problem, we offer priotity SMS’ and will do an in-depth review of your business requirements.